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Our Team

Founded in October 1969, Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Society has a volunteer Board of Directors and focused staff.

Current Board of Directors – July 2021

Jesse Tungilik - Chair
Nalini Vaddapalli - Vice-Chair
Nancy McCowan - Treasurer
Victoria Perron - Secretary
Ed Picco
Frank Pearce

Manager/Curator: Jessica Kotierk
Visitor Attendant: Pamela Wood, Siku Rojas, Pudloo Mike, Katie May Anawak-Dunford

Thank you to our annual funders at Government of Nunavut: Department of Culture and Heritage, Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada: First Nations and Inuit Cultural Education Centres Program. Big thank you to the Government of Nunavut: Community and Government Services for all their support with the maintenance of our building.

We also thank visitors for supporting the Museum through purchases at the gift shop and any donations.