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For Artists

We are happy to hear from Nunavut artists who are interested in having an exhibition in the gallery.

We are happy to hear from Nunavut artists who would like to sell us work directly for the gift shop. We also are open to consignment arrangements. We do not support bartering, artists are best able to dictate the value of their work. We do not buy art collections.

We buy from artists one week a month. These dates are updated in building at the entrance with a sign and shared via our Facebook page. We ask for identification as we pay by cheque for gift shop artwork.

What we do buy:

  • carving
  • prints
  • drawings
  • paintings
  • jewellery
  • photographs
  • books
  • music
  • cards
  • wallhangings

What we don’t buy:

  • hats
  • mitts
  • footwear
  • jackets
  • clothing
  • purses
  • wallets
  • sleds
  • art material

Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association