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What we offer:

  • Exhibitions open to viewing for free in person.
  • Special requests of viewing of artwork and objects in museum permanent collection, not on display. Requests require advanced planning. Loans are not currently available.
  • Special visits for research in the archival photograph, slide, and document collection.
  • Visit to the reference library with our Arctic, Inuit Art, Iqaluit focused books. Only open to viewing in the Museum.
  • Building event rental for gatherings, performances, presentations, workshops - Day rate 600$, 250$/hr - If the event is free, open to the public, and supports Iqaluit culture, the Museum may be open to partner and provide the space for a reduced price. Current occupant numbers are: 150 people with standing space, 80 people with seats, 65 people with seats and tables, 60 people with dining, beverage space.

What we don’t do: